Thinking about using Zerobounce?

Zerobounce is an email list verification service. They've been around since 2017, and make sure email lists are full of valid addresses.
Besides email list verification services, they also offer blacklist monitoring (to let you know if you've gotten on a naughty list with your email campaigns), as well as email server setup tesitng (to make sure you're going to get the best deliverability possible).
Here's some honest information about the service, and what it can do for you.
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Zerobounce statistics

Why do you need to verify emails with something like Zerobounce?

If you're buying, gather, or scraping leads, you have no idea if they're still working by the time you get them into your cold email campaigns.

People retire, staff turnover is high, employees quit and companies close.

When you send emails to inboxes that don't work, they don't just bounce back, they "ding" you within the email sending world. Send too many bad emails, and you start to look like a spammer, or some other untrustworthy agent.

And that starts to hurt your deliverability. Your email campaigns won't get delivered, so they won't get opened and replied to, so your dream of doing sales via email will die.

So, to make your campaigns more efficient, use a tool like Zerobounce to remove the bad email addresses and focus only on sending out the ones that will make it to the right place.

Zerobounce Stats

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Questions about Zerobounce

Is Zero Bounce safe?

This is a common question if you Google Zerobounce, and the answer is, yes. All these email list verification services are safe. They're not doing any testing from your email server themselves, so it's not like just testing email addresses that you have stored would get you in trouble.
And they've been around for several years, and have plenty of credentials, so they're trustworthy.
Zerobounce Accounts

How do I use Zero Bounce?

Upload your list of email addresses, and then run a verification process. It's easy. And when it's done processing, you can download a CSV with just the valid email addresses, or you can get one with the results of every single email address that you gave them, so you can review and see what was valid, what was a catch all address, what failed for what reason, etc. That way, you can decide if you want to take a chance and try to run a campaign to a little riskier stuff like catch all addresses (those are servers that allow any address to receive emails, but it's a way for them to figure out if you're sending junk, too.)
Zerobounce Score

Other Zerobounce Features

They do more than just verify emails. Check out all their offerings.

Blacklist Monitoring

There are a ton of lists that email servers check against to see if you've been considered a spammer before. Zerobounce can watch those and let you know if you make the naughty lists.

Email Server Testing

Setting up an email server for the best deliverability possible can be a PITA if you don't know how to set up SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and other server settings. Test your server and find what you need to fix.

AI Focused Scoring

Each email address tested gets a score that lets you know how risky it is to send to, so you can consider your "pot odds" like in poker and take a little more risk if it seems like it would be worth it.

What the Zerobounce Dashboard is like

Pretty standard, with a handsome color scheme. Cluttered sidebar makes it easy to find everything.
Zerobounce Dashboard for uploading

Validate Your Emails

Upload a file with your email addresses, run a verification process on them, and then see what's safe and what's not, and what's in between in the "not completely clear if it's safe" territory.
Zerobounce Email Scoring

A.I. Email Scoring System

Catch-all email addresses can be impossible to figure out if they're valid or not, since the email server essentially won't answer that question for you.
If you have email addresses that you'd still want to market to, but they came back as catch-all, you can use the AI tool to get an idea if they're more likely to be risky to use, or safe enough that you might want to try it.
Zerobounce Inbox Placement Tester

Inbox Placement Tester

Every email marketer, and really anyone sending emails to any customers for whatever reason, should be paranoid that their emails won't get delivered, because there's a chance that some may not get there because of how you've set up your server, your server records, and any penalties you've gotten in the past for shady sending (whether you meant to or not).
It's crucial to test to see if your emails will actually get delivered, and find ways to improve your delivery rate. The Zerobounce placement tester is a good start.

Want to try Zerobounce?

Does Zerobounce sound pretty good to you? They have a fair amount to offer. If you're interested, check out their free trial and find out for yourself.

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