Thinking about using Xverify?

Looking for ways to see if an email is valid? Got a bunch of leads you've bought or scraped and want to make sure they're valid before you use them in your cold email marketing campaigns?
You need to use an email list verification service before sending out email campaigns of any sort, and Xverify is one of many options.
In this Xverify review, we'll talk about the features they have, what else they do other than email verification, pricing, whether there is a free trial, and how you can sign up.
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Xverify Phone number validation

Why use Xverify, or any email verification service?

Cold email marketing is hard. You have to worry about open rates, response rates, and if your campaign is hurting your email deliverability. Your failed marketing campaign could actually make your internal company emails and emails to current customers not get delivered, because you sent out too many emails that bounced back.

Whether you've bought leads, scraped them, or just had people give up email addresses in exchange for an e-book on a blog post, you need to make sure those emails are valid before you do anything with them, to protect yourself.

Xverify checks the validity of your email lists to make sure you're safe to send emails to those addresses.

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Questions about Xverify

What is Xverify?

Xverify is an email list verification service that also can verify phone numbers and mailing addresses.
It works by allowing you to upload a file of your email addresses and other contact, processing them, and then giving you results on whether they're valid or not
You can also integrate Xverify with various form providers to validate email addresses on the fly, and also alert users that they may have simply typoed their email address when entering it.
xverify hard bounces

Who uses Xverify?

Xverify is used by email marketers, marketing agencies, ecommerce sites, and people wanting verification built into their contact or signup forms.
There are dozens of service providers like Xverify, who all do the same core offering of checking email addresses for validity. Xverify is unusual in that they also provide phone and physical address verification.
xverify accuracy

Other Xverify Features

They do more than just verify emails. Check out all their offerings.

Phone and Address Verification

Need to make sure provided phone numbers and mailing addresses are legit? Xverify can do that for you.


An uncommon offering in this industry, Xverify can be implemented into your online forms and check email addresses in real time to see if someone simply has a typo in their email. So no more coming in, as the user would be promoted to fix their typo.

What the Xverify Dashboard is like

A bit outdated looking, but very functional.


Not the most beautiful user interface in the email list verification world, but definitely not the worst, either. Nice stats and graphs up front when you log in, and it's easy to upload files to verify.
There's a constant alert bar up top telling you to buy more credits, which feels a bit unnecessary. Other than that, it functions well, looks fine, and lets you get your work done.

Want to try Xverify?

Got email addresses to verify? What about phone numbers and mailing addresses? Worried about the quality of your form data that is coming in? Xverify can help with all that.

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