Thinking about using QuickEmailVerification?

QuickEmailVerification is one of many email list verification services, and it's got a bit more features than the standard service, along with a ton of free tools related to technical email set up, which are great if you're trying to figure out deliverability issues (or just avoid them!).
It's about midrange on pricing, too, so it might be a good choice if you need to make sure your email lists aren't full of junk before you send out your campaigns. Read on for our honest review.
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Quick Email Verification helps

How does QuickEmailVerification work?

QuickEmailVerification picked the most literal name possible for their service.

Like other services, they verify email addresses essentially by contacting the server for the email address and asking "what about this email?" and the server responds in a variety of ways, which are then interpreted to figure out if the email address is valid, invalid, or one of many more precise yet less helpful ways, or in ambiguous ways, like when it's a catch all email address.

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What is Quick Email Verification?

Quick Email Verification is a way to validate emails

Quick Email Verification is a service that lets you verify that a list of email addresses are real.
Why would you want to do this? If you've scraped or bought leads, they can be no longer valid, or they never were valid to begin with. And if you try to email them, they'll bounce back. And since spammers ruin things for everyone, the more emails you have that bounce back, the less likely it is for your legit emails to get delivered to people.
By using an email list verification service such as Quick Email Verification, or dozens of others options, you make it more likely your email actually gets to where you want it to be. So you'll see higher open rates, response rates, and sales if you're doing email marketing.
QuickEmailVerification Steps

Other QuickEmailVerification Tools

They have a ton of little tools to help with email deliverability and technical setup.

DEA Detector

Check to see if an individual email address is disposable

SPF Analyzer

Enter a domain to see what servers are authorized to send on their behalf

DKIM Analyzer

Get a domain's current DKIM records

DMARC Analyzer

Find a domain's current DMARC records

DNS Lookup

Find out name server records

DMARC Wizard

Create a DMARC policy for your own domain (helps deliverability)

SPF Wizard

Create a SPF record for your own domain (helps deliverability)

What the QuickEmailVerification Dashboard is like

A bit outdated in the looks department, but laid out well with everything you need.
QuickEmailVerification Dashboard


Unlike most services, there's a tour feature to take you around the dashboard when you sign up, which is nice.
Like most services, the main page has graphs about your usage, available credits, and past verification activity. Since QuickEmailVerification lets you buy either a recurring package of so many credits per day, as well as packs of verification credits, there's two different credit counts here, since they treat them differently, which is kind of weird. The recurring subscription is based on daily credits, instead of monthly credits, and unused credits expire daily. A lot of email list verification services with monthly packages let the credits build up.
Unlike most services, there's a tour feature to take you around the dashboard when you sign up, which is nice.
QuickEmailVerification API


Most of these services have an API, and so does QuickEmailVerification. It also seems to have way more documentation built in to the API dashboard than any other service I've seen, with info for a ton of different programming languages.

Want to try QuickEmailVerification?

After reading all this, want to give QuickEmailVerification a try? Their 100 free credits a day makes it easy to test their system out.

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