Free Plan

For people who want to try it out


  • Look up 50 people a month with People Search
  • No credit used if we can't find target's email
  • Email support


Ideal for solo sales warriors


Free during beta

  • Look up 1,000 people a month
  • Access to both People and Company Search
  • Enter company name, see all their employees, choose who you want
  • Credits rollover monthly
  • No credit used if we can't find target's email
  • Buy more credits at a discount
  • Bulk or individual domain lookup
  • Download CSVs of results
  • Email support


Ideal for marketing teams


Free during beta

  • Look up 10,000 people a month
  • All the features of Professional
  • Invite unlimited team members
  • 14 day free trial available
  • Email support
  • Chat support


Ideal for developers


Free during beta

  • Interface with our API to find email addresses
  • Scaled pricing starting at $0.10 per request
  • Volume discounts for higher use
  • No credits used if we can't find target's email
  • Email support
  • Chat support

Want in early?

If you'd like to more easily find email addresses for your prospects, try the beta for WhoWorksThere. Early signups get to try our beta versions for free, and lifetime discounts are available to early users.
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You supply the domains of companies that you want to market to, and we use a combination of our own tools and partner tools to find everyone who works at the company, along with their role/title or department, and then show you a list of people. You can choose just certain people or everyone at the company, and then we attempt to figure out a working and verified email address for them. You only use credits for the people you want to research.
Within the app, you'll get a list of people's names, titles, departments and their email address. You can download a CSV of all the information too. You can download your old lists, but beware that the information can go stale and you should re-verify any old leads before trying them.
Yes, after our process of figuring out the email addresses, we also verify them at the same time, so as long as you use them quickly, they should be valid and working.
Not every single company, but this should work with most companies.
Because cold email marketing is challenging, and you want to get your message to the right person. Our tool lets you find the right person at your prospect company and actually reach them for once. The likelihood you'll close the deal is so much higher when you can actually get your cold email to the right person or department.
If you know the companies that you want to market to, you could use collections of email addresses to create targeting lists to show ads to inside various ad platforms, or to create lookalike audiences to target similar business people.
No, of course not. Unless you actively spam people with it. To be in accordance with CAN SPAM laws in the US, you have to follow some simple rules. It's still up to our users to be responsible with any information they get from us, or any other research companies or lead tools. But sending out cold emails to business prospects is totally legal and common business practice.
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