Thinking about using Neverbounce?

Neverbounce is a popular email list verification service.
Here's some honest information about Neverbounce, what pricing we could find, whether it's accurate or not, and what other features it offers.
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Neverbounce Email List Verification

Neverbounce is one of the biggest players in the email list verification space

Surprisingly, they're far from the most expensive in the field, while they have one of the best looking sites, and intergrate with over eightly different email platforms (which is a ton, honestly.)

Besides the standard fare of doing bulk list verifications and individual email address checks, Neverbounce can connect to your email service provider and then check your lists regularly, which is a pretty interesting idea. So if you use Klaviyo, for example, it can check daily and remove any emails that would no longer work. And since a lot of email services have pricing based on how large your list is, cutting the crap out can help financially, plus not sending to dead email inboxes can help your deliverability and everyone who uses that email service.

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4.5 / 5


4.5 / 5

Is Neverbounce Legit?

How accurate is Neverbounce?

All the email list verification services claim to be very accurate, including Neverbounce of course. None of them can be absolutely perfect, but Neverbounce seems to have well-fleshed out methods of checking email address for validity.
While they don't make claims about a certain accuracy, they do say that if you clean your lists with them in a certain way, you should get 97% deliverability, which is totally adequate. And email deliverability is the whole point of using these services anyway, so it should be accurate enough to get your campaigns delivered and protect your sending domain.
Neverbounce email list verification Neverbounce email list cleaning

Other Neverbounce Features

They do more than just verify emails. Check out all their offerings.

Tons of Integrations

Eighty plus integrations is what they claim, and that's a ton. Many email verifying tools only integrate with a handful of the bigger platforms (MailChimp, Drip, etc), but surely with over eighty integrations you'll have what you need.

Advanced API

Most ELV services have an API, but theirs seems easy, and they have wrappers for specific languages to help you get started quickly.

Gatekeeping Verification

This is not a common feature with email verification apps, but you can make people give their email address before accesing certain content, and Neverbounce will make sure it's valid before they're let in.

Ongoing List Verification

People gave their email and now they're on your list, hooray. But deliverability can go down over time because email inboxes get closed due to job changes, or leaving college or whatever. Neverbounce can keep cleaning your lists for you.

What the Neverbounce Dashboard is like

Well designed and cleaner than most services. And very minimal. Most of their competitors have sidebars in their dashboards, but Neverbounce has a simpler interface.
Neverbounce Dashboard


Upload your lists, and have Neverbounce clean them for you. See stats on the results and download a CSV of verified email addresses that you can use in your campaigns.
Neverbounce Sync


Here you can integrate with your email service provider and run regular cleanings on your lists. Want to whitelist some people so they can't get accidentally removed? No problem. Check everything daily and keep your open and delivery rates up, and stop spending money on junk emails that are on your lists.
Neverbounce API

Want to build something?

Most ELV services just give API keys and some docs, but Neverbounce has other options too, like Webhooks that you can build into your own apps, plus Zapier guides to automate things, and javascript code so you can put up verification gatekeeping for your site.

Want to try Neverbounce?

Neverbounce has a lot going for it for the price. Give them a shot, and be sure to sit through a demo so you can get a free trial.

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