Thinking about using EmailListVerify?

I've been an EmailListVerify customer for years. They're reliable and affordable, which is really all I need.
Here's some honest information about the service, and what it can do for you.
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How does EmailListVerify work?

Like any other email list verification service, EmailListVerify works by basically asking email servers if an address works, or figuring out if an email server is "catch all" (meaning it will accept ANY email address, so you can't be sure which ones are truly valid), or checks if the email address is with a disposable email provider (for throw away email addresses).

Most email list verification services boast 95% accuracy or better (though weird things can always happen to keep your email from getting to where it should be), and EmailListVerify also claims a really high accuracy rate.

EmailListVerify Accuracy

email addresses verified
of checked emails were bad
deliverability after using their service

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4.4 / 5


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Is EmailListVerify Legit?

Yes, EmailListVerify is legit

People wonder if EmailListVerify is legit, and has real, trustworthy results. I've used them for years now, verifying lists of email addresses before starting cold email campaigns, and yes, they really do verify whether email addresses are accurate or not, and the results seem in line with other verification services, meaning their results should be legitimate, and trustworthy.

Why use a service like this?

Using a service like EmailListVerify will help your emails get delivered. If you're spending money on leads, it's worth making sure they're right before you send them out. Too many bounced emails can hurt your overall deliverability.
Is EmailListVerify Legit?

Other EmailListVerify Features

They do more than just verify emails. Check out all their offerings.

Email Health Checker

Check the DNS health of your sending domain

Blacklist Checker

Make sure your sending IP isn't blacklisted

MX Lookup

Check the MX records of any domain

Email Extractor

Extract email addresses from any text quickly

What the EmailListVerify Dashboard is like

EmailListVerify Dashboard
It's a pretty standard interface, in which you upload a list of email addresses (you can include other information in the CSV too, like phone numbers, names, whatever) and it determines how many emails are in the file, and then you can choose to process it.
Beyond that, there's a nice quick glance graph when you select a processed list so you can see how many emails were valid versus spam traps, disposable, duplicates, invalid and accept all.
Verification goes pretty quickly, with a small file of a few hundred emails only taking a few minutes to process.
Email List Verify API

Need an API?

EmailListVerify has an API that seems pretty easy to use, in case you need to integrate email verification into your own app, or with a connector tool like Zapier.

Verify one at a time

Need to just quickly verify one email before you try to reach out to someone? You can do that easily in the dashboard, from any page.

Want to try EmailListVerify?

EmailListVerify is a pretty affordable way to verify email addresses, with a lot of neat features, so sign up today if you're thinking about using them.

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