Thinking about using Email Hippo?

Email Hippo is one of many email list cleaning services. Besides email list verifying, they also do on-demand verifications at signup screens and whatnot, plus they have an API.
Here's some honest information about Email Hippo, and what it can do for you.
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Why should you clean your email lists with something like Email Hippo?

As an email marketer, you very well may be buying or scraping leads to send cold email campaigns to. And while some people have the knee jerk reaction to call you a spammer, it's legal and common practice to send out cold email marketing, if you do it right.

In order to do it right, you should try to verify all the email addresses before you send campaigns to them. Email addresses go stale with time, as people leave their positions at companies, so your list could have bad email addresses in it.

It's important to clean up these lists regularly to get any bad email addresses off them to improve your deliverability and keep your email server's reputation clean so you can land in more inboxes and see more results.

Email Hippo Stats

Verification Accuracy
Email Hippo claims 97 to 99% accuracy with their verifications

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4.6 / 5


4.6 / 5


4.0 / 5

Questions about Email Hippo

What is Email Hippo?

Email Hippo is an email list verification service, that can be used to clean invalid email addresses out of your marketing lists.
It's towards the more expensive side of the marketplace, being one of the most expensive services we've found. For that price, it's really lacking in features, with not a lot of extra offerings, though it does have real time validation that you can hook up to a form to make people give a valid email address before giving them access to something.
Map of live validations

How does Email Hippo work?

Like all email verification services, Email Hippo essentially asks email servers "hey, what do you have to say about this email address?" and the server responds with a certain code, and that lets you know if it's valid or not.
That's the idea, at least. It can be hard to know if certain email addresses are truly going to get delivered in the inbox, so there may be some verified email addresses that Email Hippo isn't certain will get delivered.
Assess tool

Other Email Hippo Features

They do more than just verify emails. Check out all their offerings.


Most of these email verification services have an API, so you can build mail verifying into your own app. Email Hippo is on the expensive end of the APIs, but they do have a lot more features than many cheaper options.


Do you make people give up their email address to access content on your site, like a lead magnet? You can use Email Hippo within your opt-in forms to make sure people don't give you a fake email address to get your goods. No more type emails getting into your system!

What the Email Hippo Dashboard is like

Definitely weirder than most services. I hope you like a lot of colors and depths to your navigation!


When you log in, you're greeted with their four main offerings. Usually these email cleaning dashboards are a bit more muted than this, some more boring, some more professional, but Email Hippo definitely wins the game of vibrant design. I'm not sure what a professional UX/UI designer would say about it, but day-glo hippies might like it.
Verification dashboard


Upload your files and get them verified here. Just kidding, this verification dashboard just has stats about your usage, and there's no call-to-action button to upload a file. To upload, you have to go into the hamburger menu and then go to "Manage Files" and upload files that way.
The user interface overall isn't that well designed or intuitive. Small things, like the fact that if you expand the hamburger menu and then make a selection but the menu doesn't collapse out of your way, reduce the usability of the app.
API dashboard


The API does really seem well designed feature-wise, with lots of little things that could help, like "gibberish detection" to look for nonsense email addresses like
The interface here is also weird, but if you're using an API then that doesn't really matter, since your backend is just doing work with Email Hippo's backend. If you need a lot of API features rather than just "this is valid, this is not valid, we're not sure about this one" and you don't mind the higher price (still just 0.85 cents per verification at the most expensive tier, though that adds up) then it might make sense for you.

Want to try Email Hippo?

If Email Hippo sounds good to you, check them out. Lots of features, a free (albeit limited) trial, and hippo friendly.

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