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I have used Clearout to verify lists myself for a couple years now. It doesn't have many extra features like other similar services do, but it does have an email finder, which is limited and neat, and generally the email verification process itself is nice and easy.
Here's some honest information about Clearout, and what it can do for you.
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Clearout email finder tool

How does work?

Like any other email list verfication service, you upload a file of email addresses to confirm to Clearout, and their servers will essentially ask other email servers if the address is valid. Beyond that, they check to see if the email address is a spam trap, a disposable inbox, a "catch all" address, or anything else that would not get delivered.

Clearout Accuracy

Deliverability Guarantee
Clearout guarantees a deliverability rate of 97% of emails they verify for you (under specific circumstances), though they don't say what they do if you don't get to such a high deliverability rate during your email campaigns.

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4.8 / 5


4.8 / 5


4.8 / 5

What is Clearout io?

Clearout verifies email addresses

There are a ton of services that verify email addresses for you BEFORE you send your campaigns, and is another one of them.
These services work by essentially checking with SMTP (email) servers and saying "hey, is this email address at your server legit?" and the servers respond with various codes, either say it's a valid inbox, or invalid, or something more specific.
If you're scraping or buying leads, you need to verify email addresses before using them, or else you could ruin your deliverability, and end up not getting ANY emails into your prospects inboxes.
Clearout dashboard

Other Clearout Features

They do more than just verify emails. Check out all their offerings.

Email Finder

If you know your target's full name as well as where they work, you can enter that information and it will come up with an email address, and tell you the confidence level that that is the right email address.
These found email addresses aren't verified by their system, and don't seem trustworthy, so be sure to verify after you find them. For example, I was able to enter my friend's full name at the investment firm he works at, and I got an email address that made sense for him. But I also searched for someone named "Lasagna Steve" at that investment firm and it reported an even higher confidence level for that email address, and I would bet good money no one named Lasagna Steve works there!

What the Clearout Dashboard is like

The dashboard is well designed, with a modern look, and it's easy to go from feature to feature in the top row. The interface is easy and not annoying.
Email verifier dashboard

Bulk Verification

Like all the email list verification services, Clearout has a dashboard where you upload a list of email addresses to verify, and then it tells you how many emails are in the file, and then you start verifying.
After verifying, it's easy to see a breakdown of the results in a pie chart, so at a glance you know how many emails are valid, invalid, catchall, or unknown. And then when it's time to use the results, the CSV file you download could just have the valid emails, or you can get one with all the results, and a column that tells you whether it's safe to send, what the verification status was, and the reseason for that status, which is more info than most verification services give you in the results CSV.
Email finder dashboard

Email Finder

The email finder is a new feature, and it seems to just take a known format for people at a certain company (like, or and then apply that to what you search for.
Results aren't verified, but if you're trying to find the email for someone who works at a specific company, using this and then also running the results through their verification tool could be a good way to build a really targeted list.
Unforunately you do need to know the person's full name already, so if you're just trying to find people in the marketing department for example, you'd have to explore their website or LinkedIn et cetera to try to figure out names first.

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