Thinking about using BriteVerify?

BriteVerify is one of the bigger email list verification services out there. It's on the more expensive end, compared to competitors, and it doesn't have a lot of features, but it does focus on accurately verifying lists of email addresses.
Here's some honest information about the service, and what it can do for you.
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There are a lot of email list verification services to choose from.
BriteVerify is another one.

BriteVerify lets you upload a list of email addresses to verify, and does a fine job verifying them. That's all it does, as opposed to many other similar services who have other features as well, like email guessers and email finders, and other things.

If you're looking for a simple service that is focused on just email verifications, then BriteVerify may be a good option, if you can handle the above average pricing.

BriteVerify Accuracy

Verification Accuracy
BriteVerify doesn't pubilsh an estimated accuracy, but industry standards are 95+%

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How does BriteVerify work?

BriteVerify verifies email addresses

These email verification services all work in basically the same way: You give them a list of email addresses, and they contact the servers for the various domains and try to verify them, then they take the response codes and tell you if each email address is valid or invalid, or some other status that informs you whether you should try emailing them or not.
The point of these services is to keep you from emailing bad email addresses, since that would hurt your open rates and more importantly the deliverability of your own email servers.
There's no point in doing email marketing if you can't even get your emails in front of your targets' eye! Use BriteVerify or another email list verification service to make sure you're sending your email campaigns to legit addresses.
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Other BriteVerify Features

BriteVerify is pretty limited in the features you get, really just doing email verification, either through their dashboard or API.


Like most email list verification services, BriteVerify has an API, though theirs is pretty limited. When you attempt to verify an email address with their API, they only give you four different responses (valid, invalid, accept all, or unknown), though that is probably enough for most service offerings.

What the BriteVerify Dashboard is like

Simple and clean, here's what the BriteVerify Dashboard includes
briteverify dashboard
The BriteVerify app itself doesn't have a lot of frills, but that's fine, as it's very focused on email verification and nothing more.
Like all of these services, there's a screen to upload a list and then verify it.
Unlike most other services that I've seen, BriteVerify makes it easy to invite other people to your account, so if you have a marketing department with a lot of people involved in email marketing, it could be nice to coordinate and all log in to the same account to share lists that way.
And like many other services, within your dashboard you can get your API keys if you want to build a service that uses BriteVerify to validate email addresses.

Want to try BriteVerify?

Now that you've read a bit about BriteVerify, want to check out their site and get a free demo, or start your account?

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