Target the right person for once

Find almost anyone’s professional email address with WhoWorksThere

Trying to find the right person to sell to at a company? Use WhoWorksThere to find the right staff members and their email address.

How does it work?

Enter your target companies
Enter the name of any company you're trying to sell to
(works with 90% of companies)
Get all the
staff information
We use our partners' APIs to get a list of who works there (from multiple sources) along with their job titles
Figure out their email addresses
Choose which people you want more info on and our system figures out and verifies their email addresses so they're ready to use

Data is found on demand when you search, not scraped from old public sources. We are not a database of overused leads like other tools.

WhoWorksThere is closed for now

We've closed our research tool to the public and are instead focused on a "Done for you" service (see below) and our weekly research-as-a-service on recently funded companies and their employees. If you're interested in pitching funded companies, check out our other service saasyDB.

Why we're building this

We're marketers ourselves, and we know it can be really hard to know who you should pitch at your target company, so we're building our dream tool that would find a list of everyone who works at a company, along with their roles and verified email address so that we can reach out to the ideal person.

What WhoWorksThere does for you

Your sales pitch in front of the right eyes with sniper precision

Email marketing is hard, and finding the proper prospect at your target companies is the best way to make it easier on you. No more guessing someone's email address, begging "please forward this to the appropriate person" or ending up in a general inbox. This is a snipering tool, not a shotgun.

Close more deals

Since you're reaching out to the right decision maker for your pitch, you're way more likely to actually close them. WhoWorksThere will pay for itself in no time.

More target options

When you're buying or scraping leads, you only get a few people at the company, and they're often not the department you want. WhoWorksThere lets you pick the people you want to market to from a list of all employees.

Less email bounces

Since we give you a verified email address, you'll see almost no emails bounce back to you, unlike those leads you bought or scraped, which are who knows how old at this point.

Better deliverability

And since you're bouncing less emails back to you, your cold email campaigns will function better technically overall, and you won't have to be scared of winding up in the spam folder.

Want better results from your email marketing?

Cold email marketing can be soul crushing. It's hard to find the right person to pitch when you're scraping or buying leads. And even harder when you're trying to figure it out from a company's website.
Wouldn't it be easier if you could pull a list of employees along with their names, titles, departments and email addresses?
WhoWorksThere even verifies the email address to make sure the person still works there, so you don't end up in a dead inbox.

New! "Done For You" Service

Tight on time and just want the leads without having to do the research?
Let us search for companies within your target niches, find all their employee info, and then send you the information so you can put it to use right away.
Fill up your prospect lists with the leads we research for you, leads that your competition won't have.

Done For You pricing:

Information on 40 companies and all their employees - $199

  • Choose your niches, or submit lists of companies for us research
  • Up to 500 employees per company, with name, title, location, and verified email address
  • Leads and email addresses are not scraped from the web, but researched by a human and found with our algorithms

Find the exact sales prospects that you want to reach

C Suite or entry level, if an employee is listed online, we should be able to find their email address